• Tuesday , 16 October 2018

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We are one of the leading internationally recognised and established integrated structural steel turnkey, mechanical works and civil construction, contractor in the world committed to maintain a high standard of health, safety and environment (HSE) practices in all the areas of our operations to minimise risks for all our stakeholders and impacts to the environment.

Our commitment is supported by our best endeavours through continual improvement in HSE performance to maintain a workplace culture by effectively managing the following:

  • Ensuring a HSE Management System is implemented, reviewed and maintained, certifiable to an international standard.
  • Enforcing full compliance with all applicable legal requirements and conformance to other requirements relevant to the organisation’s operations.
  • Providing and maintaining safe working conditions through periodic inspections of site, equipment and procedures, to prevent injury, ill health and environment pollution.
  • Undertaking potential risk assessment, aspect and impact assessment, waste minimisation and optimised use of resources through the 3R concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Establishing appropriate responsibilities, accountabilities and authority for HSE at all levels and providing necessary resources, accurate information and relevant training to all employees to fulfil their HSE obligations.
  • Establishing and reviewing HSE objectives periodically with employee consultation, encouraging active participation and contribution in all HSE programs of maintaining employee well-being and preventing environment pollution.
  • Ensuring this visible HSE policy is reviewed for continuing relevancy, communicated to all persons within the organisation and made available to all the interested parties.

Our commitment and adherence to this Health, Safety and Environment policy is the responsibility of Management, Employees and all those working on our behalf.