• Sunday , 23 June 2024

Structural Steel Design & Engineering

Eversendai Corporation Offices in India, Dubai and Qatar provide comprehensive technical and end-to-end range of design services, from conceptual design, connection design to erection engineering for various types of structures by highly qualified and experienced Design Engineers & Detailers using state-of-the-art design and detailing software. We also have design service expertise required for complex, innovative structures and geometrical shapes which are built using a wide variety of sections.

Our range of services includes:

  • State-of-the-art design and detailing software, with 3D modeling capabilities for structural design, connection design, temporary erection engineering for high-rise, industrial buildings & equipment support structures, shopping malls, convention centres and infrastructure projects.
  • Shop drawings for structural steel and rebar engineering.
  • Value engineering for member sizing, connections and innovative erection methodologies tailored to meet the project and the clients’ requirements.
  • Complete 3D model of structures and connections, exporting the nested cutting plans to various CNC machines directly using 3D model software to ensure accuracy in fabrication and erection of myriad of bolted joints.
  • Structural steel erection engineering determining centre of gravity for intricate assemblies to assist in complex heavy lifts including in some of the tallest structures.
  • Temporary structures as part of the model to eliminate fouling of members and cables during site assembly and erection.
  • Complete material list, bolt list, stud bolt list extracted from model in advance for early and bulk procurement and effective site management.

Eversendai is equipped with software such as STAADPRO, ETABS, FASTRAK, DESCON and ROBOT for Structural Design and custom made spread sheets for Connections and TEKLA Structures, BOCAD, REVIT, RC-CAD and ACAD for Structural Steel and Rebar Detailing. We carry out our own Research and Development, seeking new methodologies to improve deliverables, work processes, automation and procedures to enhance the engineering and fabrication drawing output using cutting edge 3D model technology.

We have a team of experienced design engineers and detailing personnel including experienced 3D structural model creators and checkers. The majority of the projects for design and detailing conform to British Euro Standards and American Standards and our experienced team of people have versatility in addition to the standards from UBC, IBC, JIS, Canada, Australia, Europe and India.

Eversendai has the expertise to deal with pipe profile structures, unfolding drawings with 3D Uni-planer and Multi-planer joints. We have been awarded with prestigious awards, such as the Golden Award as well as many global BIM Awards for Best and Complex Models from Tekla Structures for various projects. We provide electronic communications with a dedicated 24 hours, 7 days a week FTP server with high speed internet connections and voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and WebEx services across the different regions. Our engineering capability with almost three decades of experience in our chosen field of products and services ensure that our clients and customers are offered one-stop shop service to meet their varying needs.

The overall group average production capacity of comprehensive Design & Engineering services and Fabrication Drawings is 8,000 M Tons per Month.

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